Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tomorrow is Arts Day

As you may be aware, October has traditionally been designated as National Arts and Humanities Month.
 The initiative is designed to bring attention to American artistic efforts and encourage participation in the arts and humanities.  Here are a few excerpts from President Obama's proclamation this year.

"providing our children with an education that inspires as it informs.  Exposing our students to disciplines in music, dance, drama, design, writing, and fine art is an important part of that mission.  To promote arts education and pay tribute to America's vibrant culture.....By supporting the fields that feed our imagination, strengthen our children's education, and contribute to our economy, our country will remain a center of creativity and innovation, and our society will stand as one where dreams can be realized.  As we reflect on the contributions of America's artists, we look forward to hearing their tales still untold, their perspectives still unexplored, and their songs still unwritten.  May they continue to shed light on trials and triumphs of the human spirit, and may their work help ensure that our children's horizons are ever brighter."  The entire text of the proclamation may be found here.
I couldn't agree more.  

In his news-conference release of this proclamation, President Obama had this to say:
..."We must recognize the contributions of the arts and humanities not only by supporting the artists of today, but also by giving opportunities to the creative thinkers of tomorrow. Educators across our country are opening young minds, fostering innovation, and developing imaginations through arts education. Through their work, they are empowering our Nation's students with the ability to meet the challenges of a global marketplace. It is a well-rounded education for our children that will fuel our efforts to lead in a new economy where critical and creative thinking will be the keys to success."  The entire address may be found here 

In California, Tomorrow, Oct, 7 has been designated as California Arts Day, and there art various activities going on around the state.  In case you haven't made your plans, here are a few ways to get involved. 

     Here is the Arts Day website of the California Arts Council, - with ideas and 
          suggestions to include in your day.  
     Here are some of the events that are scheduled state-wide
     In Santa Barbara, events will take place at the Arts and Cultural Center 
     Check out the Americans For The Arts Website for ways to get involved
     Or you can visit some great websites" 
The California Alliance for Arts Education -
(see also - Start a conversation)
The New York State Alliance for the Art
          The Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education
          Become an advocate for the arts at California Arts Advocates
          Arts for All
          Arts for L.A.
          Art IS Education
          Arts Education Resource Organization
          San Francisco Arts Ed
          Visit any of the Arts Ed sites on the sidebar
          Add your own, - send me a link

 How about reading a short article on "Music Education and Brain Development" .... from the newly formed 'Music Empowers Foundation"

>Visit an art museum, (try the Google Art Project if you can't leave home)
>Go to a concert, (youtube-ok to sample, but nothing compared to live music)
>Attend a play, or a melodrama 
>Listen to a public reading of poetry, (different that reading it - nice)
>Write some music, (check out 'Noteflight' for free online music writing software 
>Paint a picture, (Check out 'Artrage' or 'Sketchbook Express
>Attend Cultural arts events in your own community
>Check out what your local schools are doing to support the day
>Attend a dance performance
>Go to a Renaissance Faire or a 'Fiddlers Convention'

Find some way, to express yourself in a creative way and celebrate the arts. 

Til next time,
Ron Zell

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