Thursday, July 21, 2011

Authentic Learning Experiences -

The fact that institutional education in America is failing is not news.  Most experts, including even Arnne Duncan, the Secretary of Education,  would agree with that, although what to do about it is a matter of great debate.  Mr. Duncan's solution is that since 82% of Americas schools will fail  NCLB this next year, to issue a waiver, suspending the accountability of public schools under current law.
 I've talked about Sir Ken Robinson's call to start over with a completely different set of paradigms.  Experts from other quarters have alternate prescriptions for remedying the current educational system, some good, and some questionable, and some just plain bad.  Some groups would rather fix blame than fix problems - which only exacerbates the problem.  Whatever is done, it seems to me that the most promising solutions to our pubic school crises involves what I've called 'High tech and High touch', which includes  'authentic learning experiences'.  Pennsylvania seems to be a fertile region for exploring new ideas in education, and I'll be talking about some more of them in the near future.   In the following video clip however,  Ms. Laufenberg, who is a teacher in Pennsylvania,  presents an approach to learning that involves technology, and authentic learning experiences.  That type of balance is part of what I mean when I talk about High tech and High touch, and it is what I believe will an be important part of the future of education.

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