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Tom Jacobs, over at the Miller-McCune news outlet does a good job of keeping us current on research and information related to the arts.  Here are some recent posts that I thought were of particular interest.  Some have more relevance to the arts in education than others, but all are related, and I think you will find them interesting.

Here is a report from the Journal of Adolescent Research on "Adolescence, Music, and Algebra 

A Canadian study regarding aging and music can be found hear Musicians Hear better in Old Age
Is that Dave Brubeck in the background. - His brother used to be a teacher in the Santa Barbara Public School System I believe.

I'm sure I will return to this one in a later blog, since I've used the concept, but based on observation, not research. Now I'll have to go back and try it again.  Musical Beat Enhances Comprehension“musical rhythm appears to be a powerful modulator of human cognitive processes, enhancing their efficiency and allowing synchronization across a group of individuals,”  

Western Classical Music is widely popular in China.  It seems that not only does Chinese tradition embrace music as "an indispensable way to train the mind"  but increasingly, the affinity is for Western Classical Music as an embodiment of 'deep cultural values' and 'individual creativity.  Aren't the Chinese among the many nations whose students consistently surpass our own students in math and science scores. Hmmmm - Probably no connection, ...right?  Here is the article

Related to that article is this one: "Classical Music Linked to High Intelligence", This is one of those pieces of information that needs to be understood very carefully, if ones intention is to use it in advocating for the arts.  The reason; causality vests correlation. - It is however, interesting, information.
Here are some other titles you may enjoy:
Classical Music an Effective Antidepressant

Mozart Effect’ Real — For Some, 

There are more available on the site, - Take a look around. -

For your info, I just linked the Joyfulnote You Tube channel to Facebook via the 'Joyfulnote' page.  Now all of the instructional videos will be accessible from that one site as they become available. - 

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