Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Up-date and NCLB

I took a week off of blogging to get my virtual house in order so that (hopefully) information on the sites that I'm managing is easier to locate and more useable.
 One of the updates I did was to the toolbar at the top of this page,  so that all of the information on all the sites is completely accessible from one place.  That means that rather than having links scattered over 2 or three blogs or websites, - they can now all all be accessed from the 'links' tab.  The 'Arts Advocacy Resources tab will now take you to the single  page where I am aggregating current, and pertinent information  regarding material that can be used to support and defend arts education.    On it you will find links to up-to-date brochures, pamphlets, and video's that are valuable resources to have ready when the opportunity arises.  They are also a one-stop place to find these resources that is easy to find with the click of a mouse.  The JNM youtube channel has been updated so that it will be a one-stop place to find any of the videos that are recommended on arts-related subjects.  Uploaded videos are music Instructional videos that I'm adding to regularly. There are now also 2 playlists that can be accessed.  One is for and about arts advocacy, and one for and about arts integration in schools. - I will be adding to them regularly.
    On the new 'Links' tab you will find local, state, and national arts organizations that I am familiar with, and use, or that have been recommended to me by arts educators. - If you know of good ones, let me know, and I will add it to the others. Edu-links is for hands-on educational resources that you access from anywhere, and use to learn, or to produce arts-related material.  

 Just a closing couple of thoughts.  A few weeks ago, I included a poster that said 'those who can, teach, those who can't - pass laws about teaching.  I didn't think it was particularly funny, just ironically true.  If you don't think that's funny, - recognize that right now, congress is re-writing the No Child Left Behind Act.  The same Congress that can't  pass a budget, or a jobs bill, or agree on almost anything, is now engaged in deciding what new rules and standards will apply to teaching and education.  This video is put out by the Department of Education and is a beginning step in reforming education that will impact students, and teachers, and schools over the next decade. They ask for your input. - Give it to them.  The ways to contact them are, and 1-800-usa-learn.

I encourage you to get involved.  Here is one more way.  On the left-hand side-bar of this page is an interactive box by the 'Americans for the Arts. non-profit organization. If you would like to support the arts, and want to get involved, - put your zip-code in the box. You will be given specific contact information for your local, state, and national political representatives. You will also be informed about important upcoming legislation concerning the arts, so that you can contact your representatives in a timely manner, and make your voice heard. 

Until next time
Ron Zell

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