Friday, September 16, 2011

iPads in Education

One of the no-brainers in education these days seems to me to be the iPad.
I don't know how many times when teaching, that I commented on, and was concerned with the weight of the back--packs that the students were carrying  all of their books, papers, etc to and from home, and class in.  Not only is the problem of weight eliminated, but the convenience, accessibility, portability and much more seem to make it obvious that an iPad is a part of tomorrows education.  Having said that, I notice  that several book-publishers are suing some schools systems over using iPads in lieu of their textbooks.  I don't know the details, and I suspect that much it involves copyright infringement, and contractual issues.  The bigger issue however, I'm sure, involves the growing pains of the book industry, the computer industry, and of education.  I also see that ebook publishers and authors are anguishing over the fact that most ebook formats can now be read on the iPad. The trend to the iPad as the educational alternative to textbooks is, I believe, inevitable.  It is only a matter of how long that process will take that is in question. Apple has obviously embraced the concept as their new advertisement for the iPad shows
     In yesterday's Associated Press news, this article appeared, outlining the trend toward iPads in schools <Many US schools adding iPads> I believe that hybrid education, and arts educators especially need to embrace this new technology, and become part of the leading edge of the wave into this new arena in education.  Finding ways to utilize the iPad, and maximize its potential I believe will be an important part of making arts education accessible to children with their way-too-busy schedules in the very near future.  I hope to be making some announcements very soon as to some of the ways that the iPad and hybrid instruction can be used in arts education, and I am sure that we are still only able to see the tip of the iceberg.

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