Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Take Action

Here is an opportunity for you to do something positive to stop the hemorrhaging arts programs in our state.
 Below is today's announcement from the California Alliance for Arts Education, and a link where you can post your support of the arts on these two bills. - Don't Wait, - contact the governor now. Ashleigh Brilliant once said it well in one of his cartoons. - Will the silent majority continue to vote by maintaining their customary silence.  Your failure to act (silence) contributes to more reductions in Arts Programs in California. - Don't be part of the problem by sitting there, Get involved. Write the Governor - Now - 


Take Action

Stand Up for Arts Education!
Tell Governor Brown to Stand Up for Arts Education 
Right now there are two bills on the Governor's desk that could impact creativity in California schools.
Oppose AB 1330: This bill will decrease the number of students who receive the benefits of visual and performing arts by changing California high school graduation requirements.
Support SB 547: This bill will encourage creativity and innovation in schools by broadening measures of student and school performance beyond test taking.
Take Action: Read more and send a message to the Governor today. He may take action on these bills as soon as this week!

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